Food Market Evaluation Tool

This tool summarizes key information about food markets in your local area. You can use this information to gauge what market opportunities are available and where they are located.

After pinning your farm’s location on a map, the tool will generate a report. In it, you’ll find the following types of data specific to your local market:

  • Population
  • Population Demographics
  • Potential markets, such as farmers markets and produce auctions
  • Competitors

Click on your location in the map below to create your custom Food Market Evaluation report.
Alternative Agriculture Marketing Guide

Find ideas about how to develop an approach to marketing in this guide.

It shares how to do the following:

  • Choose a market channel.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Promote your farm and product.
  • Price your product.

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Missouri Consumer Food Preferences Maps

Based on data collected from Missouri consumers, these maps show how consumer preferences for certain crops vary by region. You can use this information to match crop production and marketing plans to consumer needs.

Follow these steps to use the maps:

  1. In the first drop-down menu, choose a crop.
  2. In the second drop-down menu, select whether you want to see how preferences vary for purchase frequency, product attributes or distribution channel.
  3. If you chose product attribute or distribution channel in step No. 2, then use the third drop-down menu to select a specific product attribute or distribution channel.


Map Type:

Throughout the year on average, how frequently do you purchase the following food products? Often means at least once a week. Sometimes means once a month or a few times a month. Rarely means less often than once a month. Never means you don't buy this product at all.

Crop: Apple

Apple > Purchase Frequency