Miscanthus Resources Guide


Miscanthus for Biofuel Production (eXtension)

Planting and Managing Giant Miscanthus Fact Sheet (USDA-NRCS)

Planting and Managing Giant Miscanthus Technical Note (USDA-NRCS)

Giant Miscanthus for Biomass Production (Iowa State)

Giant Miscanthus Planting Options (Iowa State)


Miscanthus Cost-Return Budget (Missouri)

Economics of Switchgrass and Miscanthus (Missouri)

Profitability of Bioenergy Grasses (Missouri)

Custom Rate Guide (Missouri)

Government Programs

BCAP Project Areas (USDA-FSA)

BCAP Area 1 Factsheet (USDA-FSA)

BCAP Area 2-5 Factsheet (USDA-FSA)

Potential Markets

Show-Me Energy Cooperative

MFA Oil Biomass, LLC

Missouri Biomass Aggregator Business Plan (Missouri)