Alternative Agriculture Resource Guide:


Alternative Agriculture Resource Guide:


When producers consider a new alternative crop, they should ask, research and answer a series of questions. The following modules walk you through each question and prepare you to make a good informed crop adoption decision for your farm.


Can I grow it? Key agronomic considerations such as soil requirements, water needs, crop rotations, variety selection, growth/development, crop suitability, fertility, pests, and diseases are important for growing a crop. The agronomy module will focus on what it takes to successfully grow Sunflower.


Can I sell it? One of the most important aspects of specialty crop production is to identify a market that is accessible and willing to purchase the crop. The marketing module discusses the uses and markets for Sunflower.


What are the costs, benefits and profitability for this new crop? Management is key for a new crop being financially viable and sustainable for a farm. This financial module will discuss the costs, selling prices, incentive programs, benefits, risks and crop budgets for Sunflower. Farmers will also have the ability to develop a customized budget for their farm.

Machinery and Equipment

What equipment do I need to grow, maintain and harvest the crop, and what are the costs for using the necessary equipment? This machinery and equipment module guides you through the machinery that you may use as you raise the crop, and it estimates costs for owning and operating the equipment yourself or hiring a custom service provider to do the job.


Resources for Sunflower.